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    Why VBI?

    VBI is the nation's largest and most comprehensive debate camp for Lincoln-Douglas debaters. Since 2001, over 5,000 students have attended VBI. During this time VBI alumni have amassed success on a level on which no other summer program can compare. This includes:

    • 9 NFL National Champions

    • 9 TOC Champions
    • 2 NDCA Champions
    • 8 NCFL Champions

    In addition to training students for the highest levels of competition, many students also attend VBI with little or no LD experience. Last year we had over 100 students in our novice labs. 

    Given our commitment to teaching students at all levels with different debate goals and competitive aspirations, many students attend VBI 2, 3 or even 4 times during their LD careers.

    Don't believe us? Check out what our students have to say by clicking here. 

    This year, as part of our missing to provide access to high-quality debate instruction to as many students as possible, VBI is offering sessions in 3 locations across the country.

    Los Angeles: Our Flagship

     University of California Los Angeles

    2-Week Option: July 20 - August 3; 3-Week Option: July 20 - August 9

    Our program in Los Angeles is our most broadbased curricular endeavor. On average we have over 250 students attend this session. In this program students will have access to dozens of staff members, each of whom provides a unique perspective on debate.

    This program is effective and all-immersive. We strive to give all students a the opportunity to have the same intense experience from our top lab to our novice lab.

    Anyone should feel free to register for our Los Angeles Session. We will find a place that is both skill-appropriate & ready to push you to your goals.

    VBI Chicago (Counterpoint Debate Institute)

    Loyola University Chicago

    July 6 - July 19

    Our Chicago program aims to provide students access to top-tier national instructors and a unique, innovative curriculum at a lower cost than other national debate camps. CDI offers a small camp environment with a guaranteed 4:1 staff-to-student ratio, the best in the country.  

    Students who attended CDI last year, in its first year of existence, have had amazing success. This year alone CDI students have won Greenhill, Bronx, Yale, Lexingtion, Valley, The Iowa Caucus, Columbia, more more. 

    VBI DC:

    George Washington University - Mount Vernon (Georgetown)

    2-Week Option: June 22 - July 5; 1-Week Option: June 28 - July 5

    Our program in DC is unique and aimed, primarily, at students who are a. New to Lincoln-Douglas Debate; b. Have done LD, but maybe have never attended a summer camp; or c. higher level students who are planning on attending VBI Los Angeles, but want some of the individualized attention a smaller camp can offer. This program will have a capped registration.



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